Getting back to the basics of email marketing

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Getting back to the basics of email marketing

Posted 26 May 2021

In the same way of decluttering your home and doing a spring clean, it's good to get back to basics on your e-marketing campaigns and give them a review and refresh. When you send out e-newsletters regularly, it's easy to get into a rhythm of not thinking about the detail and letting bad habits slip in. So whether you are currently managing your email marketing yourself within a small business or are a marketing professional yourself, it's always advisable to get back to the basics of email marketing strategy to ensure you haven't dropped the ball. Our top tips will refresh your content, process, and, most crucially, your audience engagement in email marketing.

Who is your email marketing really for?

We can all be guilty of treating email marketing as a numbers game, especially if you need to keep a client happy. However, quality over quantity is absolutely the key with email mailing lists. Think carefully about who the email is for and don't be afraid to segment and reduce your lists to make them more targeted. By really taking time to research your audience, you will find this extra care will boost your open and click-through rates.

Think about timing

Are you carefully monitoring your open rates and analysing what times of day (and days of the week) get the best engagement? If you haven't thoroughly tested this yet on your email campaigns, start with the basics. Experiment when your subscribers will most likely have downtime to browse their emails, such as the start of the day, lunchtime or early evening. 

Testing, testing…

A lot of the time, we build our email newsletters on a desktop computer or laptop and send the test emails to also be viewed on a PC. However, make sure you test the email on mobile devices as well, as a much higher portion of your audience will be reading your emails on their phones or tablets.

Engaging openers

It can be hugely beneficial to apply some simple A/B testing with different subject lines to test which style of subject line works best for your audiences. For example, do they open more emails with engaging questions or emojis? Or do they prefer a simple, to-the-point message? By applying this practice regularly, you can deliver much more effective email marketing campaigns that will capture your subscribers' attention in those snap few seconds when they decide whether to open or swipe and delete your email.

Headers and footers

When standard headers and footers get used on every email, it's easy to overlook them, so take some time to do some basic housekeeping checks. This is where your critical business information needs to be clear and precise, so review and cut any unnecessary copy that stops the customer from finding the information they need quickly. Are your contact details and opening hours up to date? Do any links to your social media channels and website work? You'll be surprised at what you may spot with fresh eyes.

By taking some time out regularly to go back to the basics of email marketing and refer to this checklist regularly, your campaigns will become more targeted, more prosperous, and far more informative for your other marketing activity. 

Whether you are a business owner struggling with the basics of email marketing or a corporate company in need of a growth strategy, Zeelee can help find you the right talent to meet your growth needs.  

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