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​Creative for us means designers and copywriters and we've been the creative recruitment agency of choice for client-side brands across Europe since 2010. Acting as a specialist creative recruitment agency was the foundation for our entire group led by a managing director who has only worked in digital and design! Since then, our group-wide teams have spent the last ten years placing UXers, designer and writers into client-side roles across the private and public sector.

As Zeelee has grown into its brand and the creative recruitment agency for the group the team has grown to now focus on tech hubs across Europe supplying creatives in design, leadership, content, and copywriting roles. Our experience focussing mainly on client-side creative recruitment professionals allows us to have an immense database of engaged candidates to find permanent specialists and freelancers at short notice.

Our industry experience spans gambling gaming e-commerce sass and retail, and whilst we have a focus on vertical markets within creative recruitment, we are industry agnostic ensuring a broader source of talent.

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A bold claim we know but we really do have superhero recruiters that show that recruitment can be different. Whether you need a design or copywriting recruitment agency for a new role or to find a new superhero.