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Having started predominantly in creative and digital demand for our marketing recruitment team grew organically until the emergence of product marketing positions. As the sister company to Consortia, the specialist product management recruitment agency, demand for product marketing managers and a dedicated product marketing recruitment agency has soared.

Our teams experience in both product and UX has left us exceptionally well-positioned to solve these complex hiring challenges for clients that were underserved by traditional digital marketing recruiters. Many clients felt they were being underserved for their product marketing roles and frequently sent product managers or more traditional digital marketing roles.

Zeelee's more expansive talent pools and experience in the space since 2010 ensures that clients can have a better range of choice when selecting product marketing talent that better meets their needs and ever-changing needs of the business.

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A bold claim we know but we really do have superhero recruiters that show that recruitment can be different. Whether you need a marketing recruitment agency for a new role or to find a new superhero.