​Marketing lessons we can learn from children.

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​Marketing lessons we can learn from children.

Posted 30 August 2021

As a marketing professional, you look everywhere for inspiration. A lot goes into what inspires your daily work, from existing marketing materials you see to noting new trends before they are fully-fledged and leaping on them.

However, one of the most exciting inspirations for your marketing life might also be one of the most unexpected. Children are the perfect place to learn about marketing strategy and how best to appeal to your core customer base. Ever wondered why they sit so fondly in our branding at Zeelee? Well, now you know. 

Not convinced? Read on to find out more!

1) Take risks

Okay, so it might not be the best idea to jump off the bed to check if you can fly. But one thing kids don't worry about is taking risks - they don't care about comfort zones! Staying within your established marketing strategy can be tempting at times… if it ain't broke, why fix it? But this is how you can tend to become stagnant, both personally and professionally, and get bored. Shake it up! Take that leap of faith - whether the gamble is big or small, it might just pay off. And if not, at least you dared to try.

2) Make 'em laugh

Humour is a great connector. We have all had that experience of hearing a little one tell the same knock-knock joke ten times in a row and be helpless with laughter every time. And you laugh, too, because joy is contagious! Taking pleasure in what you do can take the tedious element out and make it just a little silly. Even when you are dealing with a serious subject, a bit of well-timed humour can help to ease the messaging along.

Everyone loves to smile, and things that bring people joy tend to be memorable.


A complicated message can sometimes be very off-putting. Have you seen children trying to learn about complex subjects at school? They're bored, distracted, and won't focus on the task at hand. Breaking a topic down into smaller chunks can help to get any information across. If your message is too complicated, it won't reach its intended audience. If you imagine appealing to an eight-year-old, on the other hand, your marketing materials are more likely to be simple and full of fun.

4) Keep learning

One of the best lessons you can learn from the children in your life is simple - to keep learning. Even if you are a marketing professional with years of experience under your belt, there is always something new to learn. Keep your eyes wide to the world, and you can bring that curiosity to your next big project - along with some daydreams and sparkling humour.

5) Create a story

Do you know how children love stories? That's because they can see themselves in the tales - as the superhero, fighting the monsters and getting all the praise. Being able to envision yourself as part of something, as the "main character", is vital in marketing. Tell your customer a story about how your product or service can help them be the hero or heroine of their own story, and they are far more likely to feel engaged and excited. After all, who doesn't want to slay a dragon here and there?

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